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Your Logo on a Binder

In just a few simple steps, you can create a custom vinyl binder digitally printed with your company's logo or message. With PackZen's easy-to-use designer tool, you can create a tailor-made professional look on a white vinyl binder that is perfect for company manuals, seminars, promotions, and press kits. Simply choose your size, create your design, and let us do the rest.

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Why PackZen?

Whether you're looking for a custom binder, pouch, or page, PackZen has what you need. Our flexible plastics experts have the experience and ingenuity to see your product through from concept to delivery.

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Frequently asked questions about PackZen's capabilities:

Why choose PackZen?
When you're working on a Custom Binder project, you want to be heard and understood. You want to know that you're working with experts who care about your product. At PackZen, we are those experts, and we're right here in Central Ohio.
Do you only manufacture custom binders?
Not at all. We manufacture standard binders as well as a variety of custom flexible plastic products. In addition to custom binders, we produce plastic pages, folders, pouches, sleeves, pockets, and holders for medical suppliers, restaurants, hotels, legal & real estate firms, and publishers.
What are flexible plastic products?
To us, a flexible plastic product is anything that can be made from vinyl or poly films. Our products range from card holders, ID holders, and page protectors to binder pages and more. If it's been made from these films, chances are we've done it using efficient, high-frequency and ultrasonic welding technologies.
What kind of options are available for your custom plastic products?
There are so many options available that we can work with you to create the exact product you're looking for. We have a variety of textures, including orange peel, suedene, scarred, and polished. We also have colors such as burgundy, charcoal, and metallic blue, just to name a few. There are even a range of different thicknesses and densities.
What kind of decoration can I put on my custom product?
The decoration possibilities are limited only by imagination. We offer foil stamping, embossing, lithographic print, screen print, digital print, applique, and graphic entrapment for starters. We love to be challenged with new and exciting projects, so why not put us to the test?
What sizes are available?
We manufacture binders and pad folders for Letter, Legal, A4 and A5 sheets. We also manufacture custom products, sleeves, and pouches, from as small as 1 inch to as large as 24 inches. Our customers often come to us seeking larger solutions, and we encourage them to put us to the test!
What makes your custom products better than the rest?
We care. Above all else, we care about quality and customer service. We believe that everything we do should embody the spirit of quality and craftsmanship that make American-made products the best and most desired products in the world.
What is high-frequency welding?
Imagine if you could take the power of your microwave, amplify it, and transfer it through a brass bar into two layers of plastic. Just like the microwave does with food, the high-frequency welder excites molecules to create heat that, when combined with a little bit of pressure, permanently joins two layers of plastic.
What is ultrasonic welding?
Ultrasonic welding is a unique method of joining dissimilar materials using ultrasonic acoustic vibrations. This technique produces an airtight, solid-state weld that is ideal for creating plastic pockets, sleeves, and pouches.
What are the advantages of high-frequency welding?
High-frequency welders are fast. They do in a single second what other heat sealing methods take several seconds to do, and there's no waiting to get up to temperature. Another advantage is consistency. Other joining methods would suffer from temperature swings that cause products to be over or under-welded. RF welding is controlled in a way that produces a perfect seal every time.